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            In accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Futures Trading, the Measures on the Administration of Futures Exchange and other relevant laws and regulations, Shanghai International Energy Exchange(hereinafter referred to as “INE”)has drafted Copper Cathode Futures Contract of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (for Public Consultation) and has amended related implementing rules, and requests public comment on these rules.

            Please send opinions and advice on the rules mentioned above to the Shanghai International Energy Exchange in written or email forms before October 23, 2020, Your feedback also indicates that you agree to use your contact information and materials for use by the INE and only for requesting comments described in this Notice.

            Liaison: Lu Xiao He Zhaofei
            Email: ine.advice@ine.cn
            Tel.: +86-21-20616259,+86-21-20767994
            Fax: +86-21-20767686
            Postal address: Rm.2301, No.288 Xiangcheng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China 200122

            1. Revision Explanation
            2. Copper Cathode Futures Contract (for Public Consultation)
            3. INE Trading Rules (for Public Consultation)
            4. INE Delivery Rules(for Public Consultation)
            5. INE Risk Management Rules(for Public Consultation)
            6. Comparative Table

            Disclaimer: The rules of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange are made in Chinese. The English version of such rules is for reference only and shall have no legal effect.

            Shanghai International Energy Exchange
            October 16, 2020

            Shanghai International Energy Exchange Copyright?
            Tel:+86 21 20767800 Fax:20767988 滬ICP備14004412號
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