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            Recently,the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “INE”) has received application materials of Southland Resources Co., Ltd..
            In accordance with the Delivery Rules of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange, INE has decided that:
            1. INE approves Southland Resources Co., Ltd. to change its TSR 20 futures factory code and product logo.
            2. From the date of this circular, TSR20 produced by the Chumphon Branch of Southland Resources (Chumphon) Co. Ltd with corrected factory code and product logo can be used for standard warrant issuance and physical delivery.
            3. TSR20 produced by the Chumphon Branch under the original factory code and product logo cannot be used for standard warrant issuance and physical delivery.
            4. Standard warrants that have been issued for Chumphon Branch-produced TSR 20 before the date of this circular could be circulated until expiration.
            All concerning parties shall attach great importance to relevant business and make sure that the delivery process run smoothly.
            INE hereby notifies as above.

            Attachment:The Form of Southland Resources Co., Ltd. TSR 20 futures product logo

            Shanghai International Energy Exchange
            September 30, 2020


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